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Lucretia is a classic sailing yatch built in Teak, mahogony and hoak in Holland in 1927. Designed by prestigeus naval architect G. De Vries Lentsch Jr. Rigged as a Bermudian ketch, she boasts over 180 mª of sail area, 19.3 m of length, and weighs in at 28 tons. Her racey lines and elegant finishes make sailing in Lucretia a truly unique experience of navigation.


Length 19,30 m
Width 4,15 m
Surface 180 m
Material Teak Mahogony Hoak
Number of passengers 12
Crew 2


Lucretia was built during the first worl war in response to a young girl’s respiratory illness. Her original owner ordered the boat to be built after the doctor of his dauthter Lucretia prescribed “salt air” as the best medicine to aleiviate her suffering.

Lucretia was later purchased by a prestigieus Oxford university “rector”, who sailed her extensively around Europe, raced her in numerous regatas including the Famous Fastnet Rack regata, and obtained her certification in the Lloyd’s Regyster. Following this period, Lucretia was owned by a Russian millonaire who used her more for recreation than racing and ultimately left her abandoned in dry dockes in a ship yard in Lisboa, Portugal.

There she would sadly remain for years until finally being purchased by a french family who’s intentions were to repair and sail her across the Atlantic to the Caribean.

After enjoying and living aboard her there for a period of 12 years, the family opted for a change in lifestyle and decided to sail her back to Europe. It was upon her return to European waters, in the moment of her entrance in to part in the Basque Country, that the founders of Ostarte first layed eyes on Lucretia. Despite her worn appearance and obvious need for repair and maintenance, her stunning architectural lines and historical prowess were undeniable.

After nine long months of hard work, Ostarte restored Lucretia to her former splendor and vibrance making her one of the oldest active wooden sailing yatchs in the Cantabrian. With the hope that she will continue to shine and sail well beyond the upcoming 100th aniversary of her conception, we count on all who desire to navigate aboard Lucretia and collaborate with this romantic venture.

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